Slaves to Something


Sunday - 10AM Worship Service | Wednesday - 6PM Adult bible study

Nov. 08, 2022

Sermon Title: “Slaves to Something”

Scripture: Romans 6:15-23

  1. Actions we must take (6:15-23)

    1. We died to sin (6:15-16)

      1. We may be freed from the power of Sin, but sin is still very much present in our lives in this world.

      2. Paul is pointing out that God pours His new children into the mold of divine truth.

      3. New believers have an innate and compelling desire to know and obey God’s Word (1Pet.2:2).

    2. Offer ourselves to God (6:17-19)

      1. Paul uses the terms master/slavery analogy was an accommodation to their humanness and their difficulty in grasping divine truth. 

        1. More lawlessness is insinuating a likeness to that of a vicious animal, why? Because sin’s appetite only grows when it is fed. (Gen.4:7) 

        2. Quit being stubborn in your flesh, you are not your own anymore if you are purchased from your original status.

    3. Remember the benefits of serving God (6:20-23)

      1. A sinful lifestyle and acts of sin are both inappropriate for a believer who is living under God’s gracious authority. 

      2. Obligation always follows dedication, whether the dedication is to sin or to obedience. 

        1. The outcome of dedication to sin is death, but the outcome of dedication to obedience is righteousness.

Key point: Dedication to God is voluntary, not automatic, meaning that if a believer does not truly dedicate himself to God he will continue to practice sin.