Released and Wedded


Sunday - 10AM Worship Service | Wednesday - 6PM Adult bible study

Jan. 08, 2023

Sermon Title: “Released and Wedded”

Scripture: Romans 7:1-6

Paul describes how Christians have been released from the law and wedded to Jesus, enabling them to now serve in the new way of the Spirit. 

Central theme is the law (7:1-6)

  1. 3 primary uses for the law.

    1. Knowledge of Sin

      1. Recognize that your a sinner (Rom.3:20)

    2. Knowledge of society to have law and order

      1. A need for right and wrong

    3. Knowledge and guidance of Christian living.

      1. Road map for the Christian life.

    4. Knowledge of God

      1. Attributes of God

(1) Sovereign (2) Holy (3) Love (4) Sufficiency

  1. Two extreme dangers when we think about the law:

    1. Legalism: Keeping the law in order to be saved, keeping the ceremonial laws to be saved, and adding to the law to be saved.

    2. Antinomianism: [Greek anti, “against”; nomos “law”]

      1.  The antinomians reject the very notion of obedience as legalistic; or you can call it license for a person who believes that they can do whatever they want because they have license to do whatever.  

  2. (7:1-3) The law has authority over your life and you have an obligation to keep it.

    1. Paul is building on the point for us to better understand our role in the Kingdom of God.

    2. Marriage is a legally binding contract between two individuals and that they are subject to one another. 

  3. (7:4-6) Paul explains that we were made to die to the law so that we no longer have to meet its qualifications in order to gain acceptance with God in heaven.

    1. It’s very important for all believers whether new or seasoned, that you grasp your relationship with God. We died to the law, we are now married to Christ.