Freedom From Sin


Sunday - 10AM Worship Service | Wednesday - 6PM Adult bible study

Oct. 23, 2022

Sermon Title: Freedom from Sin

Scripture: Romans 6:1-14

Main Idea: Our union with Christ affects our progressive sanctification.

Truths We Must Know (6:1-14)

  1. We died to sin (6:2)

    1. The ruling power & realm of sin can no longer dictate our lives when we experience conversion to Christ.

    2. It is unnecessary & undesirable to live in sin, or to practice it habitually.

  2. We have died with Christ in baptism (6:3)

    1. Our spiritual life has been raised to life in Christ.

  3. We share in Christ’s resurrection life (6:4-5)

    1. We walk in a newness of life that is the basis of our future resurrection in Christ.

  4. Our old selves were crucified with Christ (6:6-7)

    1. The believer is not the same person he used to be before justification.

  5. We will also live with Christ (6:8-10)

    1. Sin no longer dominates a believer, even though we still have a sinful human nature.

      1. Our body no longer needs to be a vessel for sin, since we are no longer slaves to sin.

      2. We may choose to sin, but we are not forced to sin, nor should we.

    2. God has broken the chain that once enslaved us, and now we are free of its dominating influence.

  6. Sin will no longer master the believer. (6:11-14)

    1. We are no longer under the Mosaic Law (which condemns), rather we are under the Law of Grace (which redeems).

“You will never catch the devil asleep, let not the devil catch you asleep. Watch, and be sober, so that you may always be up to do your duty.” Charles H. Spurgeon